We specialise in wholesale distribution of medical products and medical devices, bringing you innovative solutions all the time. Although we operate primarily in the EU countries, our business activities are directed also to the Middle East and North America. Medimex’s mission is to provide flexibility and superior services to our business partners every day. A satisfied customer is our primary goal in all distribution-related activities.


Medimex is aware of the fact that a properly chosen marketing strategy is necessary for future success also in the pharmaceutical field. All clients receive a fully individual approach. A tailor-made marketing survey can be provided after identification of current needs and expectations. We give you all you need, starting from analyses of the local market, human resource optimisation up to a highly targeted marketing campaign.


We provide comprehensive services related to registration processes for medical products. Our specialists guide you professionally through the whole procedure, starting from preparation and documentation of the product, through SPC harmonization up to a certified translation. Of course, we can represent you in communication with the State Institute for Drug Control and any other institutions in the field of drug policy.


We use our own warehouses meeting the highest standards and regulations to store medical products and medical devices. Product logistics is provided for the final customer in line with all the requirements towards transport conditions. You can rest assured that the whole process of the purchase and subsequent delivery of your selected product will take place in accordance with the highest standards.